Skilled negotiators get the outcomes they want, and we can help you be the negotiator you want to be ...


If you have to influence others, you are involved in Negotiating.
We offer both public and in-house training seminars in Negotiating Skills. With our background in both business and labour negotiations we will teach you to:
Negotiate the outcomes you want by ...
  • Developing a preparation plan and process that satisfies your needs well, Theirs acceptably, and others tolerably.  You won't sell the farm!
  • Is better than your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement);
  • Creating options and criteria that reflect both parties' interests;
  • Includes commitments that are well planned, realistic and operational.
  • Is legitimate for all - no one feels taken / fair;
As a leader who is NEGOTIATING SKILLED you ...
  • Negotiate skillfully in tough situations with both internal and external groups;
  • Settle differences with minimum noise;
  • Win concessions without damaging relationships;
  • Are both direct and forceful, as well as diplomatic;
  • Gain trust quickly of other parties to the negotiations; and
  • Have a good sense of timing.

We guarantee that as well as better meeting your needs on the job, you will save money and make better deals in your personal life.

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