Nile Creek Outfitters
Meeting your business needs for change, improvement, negotiation, and performance management
We build alignment, capacity, and commitment.

Call the 'Outfit and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.  We can offer programs that range from in-house training to one-on-one coaching.  We bring the 'wiskers' to your organization.


Develop this critical leadership skill and get a better deal; both on the job and in your private life.
Check out our page on Negotiating Skills
Leadership Coaching
Coaching is really about helping others achieve their potential. Our aim is to encourage curiosity, provide support and acceptance, enable focus, and share commitment. Through our executive coaching practice we work with individuals and groups so they can achieve their potential.
Communication Effectiveness
Those one-on-one conversations for a purpose. We can provide on site skills training that improves communication effectiveness by:
> bringing focus to behaviours,
> building alignment to objectives,
> using positive reinforcement to
drive outcomes,
> maximizing self-esteem as a
commitment builder.
Supervisory Leadership Strategies
Our Tool Box Strategies for effectively dealing with your direct reports. We can help so that you can meet your needs when you have those "clear and engaging" conversations with your employees. We think every supervisor or trainee should have a tool box of strategies for problem solving the issues such as attendance problems, job change and substance abuse.
Motivation and Performance Management
Develop the skills to handle this process so that you build trust and high commitment. We train your team to develop measurable objectives that are aligned with your strategies; and assess results that are consistent with your values.
Effective Restructuring
Work redesign, and re-engineering including reassignment, termination, and outplacement.