Nile Creek Outfitters
Capacity Builders and Change Agents

At 'The Outfit' we are often asked for our input on change.  The point we make and do so frequently is that there is no magic or 'Silver Bullet'.  What process you use needs to work for you.  We ask the key questions and help you put words around your Case for Change.  We'll ask about behaviours that you need more of and processes you need less of.  We'll talk about challenges and opportunities as well as barriers and obstacles.  We can provide the tools for you to be a Leader of Change.
Making Change: We'll help you see your organization so that you can
  1. Standardize your processes - if you can't control it you can't change or improve your processes.
  2. Select  leaders who will be key to your team's success.  Attributes of Team Builders, Motivators, Systems Thinkers, combined with Managerial Courage, Ethics, and Innovation.
  3. Establish a Sense of Urgency. It takes brains to make urgency work for you and with you but here we deal with the motivation of your whole team.  It is very powerful and exciting. Think Positive Reinforcement (R+).
  4. Charter the Change Franchise Team. These are your dedicated team leaders who will make this change work.  These leaders are your point players who build teamwork and trust. Together you develop the team's mandate.
  5. Describe the Future State and implement initial action steps. The transition has begun.
  6. Communicate, communicate, communicate; there is no short cut.  Change Leaders talk a lot about the changes being made.
  7. Align, Coach, and Build Capacity, hello coach - champion. Focus on building capacity with greater emphasis on people than technology.  It's about behaviour, yours and theirs.
  8. Celebration, don't stop now - Celebrate. Nothing says R+ of the new direction than the celebration of successes along the way.
Think Nile Creek Outfitters - call The Outfit.