Nile Creek Outfitters
We'll "outfit" your company
We have provided a full range of recruiting services for Leadership and Specialist roles for more than 30 years.  Our experience and processes ensure that candidates hired fit the role.

Nile Creek Outfitters provides confidential job placements and recruiting services.  We work with employers to determine the skill sets and attributes that best fit their objectives.  Clarity in the search and hiring practice is a mark of our performance.  We also provide interviewing training.
Our selection processes are aimed at providing a comprehensive view of the positions that we advertise.  We utilize behaviour based interviewing techniques and provide interview questions in advance so that candidates may knowledgeably prepare for contact with the employer. 
No references are checked without your prior approval. 
To apply for a postion that we are advertising please apply by email only to:
Think Nile Creek Outfitters - call The Outfit.