Nile Creek Outfitters
Management Coaching and Consulting
 Keeping you on the path of change.
Backwoods Expertise - not Backwoods thinking
TIME TO THINK - It is one of the scarcest commodities of our time.  At Nile Creek, we have the time.  It allows us to focus completely on your leadership and business issues.
HONEST BROKERS - Often organizations are faced with competing interests and conflict.  From our vantage we see this as opportunity and have successfully helped bridge the gap to constructive and collaborative problem solving. Our experience has been gained on the Natural Resource frontiers of Canada. Facilitation of issues either in-house or in the public arena requires top notch skills, coordination, and an ability to quickly grasp the core issues.  Process leadership that maintains the integrity of the process and a respectful environment are hallmarks of our work.
NEGOTIATION AND COLLABORATIVE OUTCOMES - Ours is a winning record of agreements and understandings that have moved organizations forward to maximize opportunity.  Again, key to our success is the ability to create and maintain a respectful environment and facilitate creative outcomes that satisfies the needs of participants.
We know that making change involves tough choices.    When it comes to dealing with the people side of your business we can help.
  • Professional and confidential coaching.
  • On-site consulting and training.
  • Meeting coordination and facilitation. 
  • Negotiating skills training and negotiation preparation.
  • Assessing and building the case for change.
Think Nile Creek Outfitters - call The Outfit.